Entrepreneurial Mindset Exercises

Homeschool Exercise: Perspective Inversion

We can learn a lot about entrepreneurship by looking at products from different perspectives. Whether we are looking at a product from the perspective of the customer, the producer, or the marketer, we can learn something new about how to be successful in business. When we take the time to look at products from different angles, we can find new ways to improve our businesses and make them more successful.

Homeschool Exercise: Creativity

Creativity is essential to entrepreneurship because it allows entrepreneurs to create new ideas, solve problems innovatively, and differentiate their businesses from competitors. By exercising your creativity regularly, you can become better at coming up with innovative solutions to business challenges large and small.

Homeschool Exercise: Curiosity

By having your children think about a product from three different perspectives, they will be exercising their Entrepreneurial Curiosity muscle. This is an important trait for entrepreneurs to have as it allows them to see potential where others might not and to find value in areas that are often overlooked.

Homeschool Exercise: Opportunity Recognition

Parents, if you are looking for a way to encourage your kids to think outside the box and develop an entrepreneurial mindset from an early age, have them try this opportunity recognition exercise! It is short, easy to do with little-to-no materials needed, and can be done in just 30 minutes or less. By having them regularly participate in activities like this one that help train their brain to see potential opportunities, you will set them up for success no matter what field or career they choose to pursue when they grow up.

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